Medical Missions in Mongolia

The Laurel Foundation is very happy to support Dr Hugh Parsons and his medical team in mentoring medical professionals and establishing resources in Mongolia. It is our goal that their work will have a far reaching impact on individuals, their families and the professional comminity.

The objective of the Mongolian Medical Missions is to provide medical education through teaching, transfer of skills (surgical and medical) as well as providing care for those who might not normally have access to care due to economic and/or geographic causes. The team consists of very experienced physicians and nurses who are comfortable and capable of working in many different environments with the aim of providing the best level of care possible in these situations.

Mongolian – Canadian Medical Project

To support and facilitate the administration of National and International medical missions in Mongolia. Primary objectives are: to enhance medical education & training, to improve access to medical care in remote areas, and to establish continuing medical education for practicing physicians and nurses in remote areas.

The Mongolian-Canadian Medical Project operates under the auspices of the Laurel Foundation. The objectives are to provide medical education through e=teaching, transfer of skills (surgical & medical) as well as providing care for those who might not have access to care due to economic and/or geographic circumstances. The team consists of mature and very experiences physicians and nurses who are comfortable and capable of working in many different environments with the aim of providing the best level of care possible in these situations.

Each member of the team is self-funded, paying all their own transportation and in-country expenses. All funds raised go directly towards the project and the care of the patients with NO overhead. Medical supply companies are generous supporters of the project, as are our local health care institutions, and our colleagues.

The specific projects we undertake are determined by our Mongolian healthcare partners, and we follow their advice how our team might be most effective in delivering education and care within the scope of our team. To date we have five (5) Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), each indicating the long-term commitment we have to our project. Each MOU is five (5) years : 1) MOU with the Ministry of Health, 2) MOU with the First Hospital, where we are presently undertaking ophthalmology residency training, establishing a wet lab for resident surgical training, and we have a fellow in vitreo-retinal surgery in Canada undertaking an 18 month program. 3) MOU with the National Cancer Center. We are working with the head and neck and thoracic surgical programs, and in the future our scope will expand into radiation, oncology, pathology and hopefully other areas, 4) MOU with the Govi Altai General Hospital, where we provide eye surgery to those who cannot make the trip to Ulaan Baatar due to cost and geography. In this region we will be expanding our care to SUM’s in the form of optometric care and screening, as well as family doctors. Further expansion of the Govi Altai project is also being developed, 5) MOU with the Mongolian Ophthalmology Society, it is under their direction that we have undertaken the programs at the First Hospital and the Govi Altai projects.

The overall goal is to provide the best teaching and service that we can to the people of Mongolia. Teaching is the cornerstone of the project, and our experienced surgeons and nurses reflect our commitment. Working alongside, and under the guidance of our Mongolian healthcare colleagues ensures that the projects we undertake are in the best interests of the Mongolian patients. For example, the project in Govi Altai was initiated by the Ministry of Health and the Mongolian Ophthalmology Society as they had identified a need in the area. We aim for long-term commitments from both parties, and each MOU is a living document that will continue to evolve as the years go by. Our funding goals for the future will remain as they are. Self funded team members and support from the Canadian Medical resources will enable us to maintain the flexibility to best meet the needs of the Mongolian healthcare community. Although the project will continue to expand and develop in the future, we recognize that we have limited resources, and we plan to operate within our scope. We will not undertake any project that we cannot fulfill within our mandate.

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