The Laurel Foundation since 1989 has provided funds for projects and programs to help persons with mental health disorders not funded by the Provincial Government. This proud history of support is still being written, as present and future budget cuts greatly affect the quality of life of individuals whom we are trying to help.

If you would like to make a donation, there are several ways to make this happen:

  1. A donation of cash, given to any of the Directors, or The Executive Director.
  2. A cheque payable to: The Laurel Foundation
  3. Payment through PayPal, by clicking on the Donate button, and following the prompts.

A charitable receipt will be mailed to your address, or an electronic receipt will be forwarded to your e mail address.

Possibly you, or members of your family would like to play a significant role in leaving a legacy, a testament to your generosity and concern for a member of your family, a friend, or others in need.

We would be pleased to explore options that would suit your interests and contribution, without any obligation on your part. There is much information that you may find useful, outlining some tax and estate advantages, using a variety of instruments in the accompanying sections.. Your accountant, lawyer or financial planner would be able to point out the benefits and advantages of each one.

Please call Chantelle Tisshaw, the Executive Director for more information about this program at (604) 942-7574.

Ways and Means Of Making Contributions

There are many ways to make contributions to suit the wishes and financial requirements of the donor, and to maximize the benefits of the contribution. These have been thoroughly tested legally, and meet the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency regulations. They require, however, the input and advice of specialists in the field, chosen by the donor, such as tax accountants, lawyers and financial planners / administrators.

The following are some important options that can be considered in planning to leave a legacy:

We would be pleased to outline the benefits of each approach, but require that a donor retain the services of a specialist to provide advice at an arms length.

Please contact the Executive Director, or the President for more information.

Phone and Fax: (604) 475-1163