Autism Spectrum

The Laurel Foundation supports program development and research for persons with autism spectrum disorders, focusing on improving the quality of the lives of people with autism.

Funded Projects

  1. SFU Autism & Developmental Disorders Lab | Family Quality of Life and ASD: Targeting Hard-to-Reach Groups in BC. Follow up and expansion of initial survey and qualitative analysis that investigated quality of life among families caring for a child with ASD in the province of BC. Specifically, targeted hard-to-reach and vulnerable families across the province. Dr Grace Iarocci (SFU) & Dr. Emily Gardiner UBC)
  2. Autism Befriending Program Study, Dept of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia
  3. UBC , I Can Do It Myself!”: An Evaluation of the Outcomes of a Curriculum Designed to Teach Self-Determination Skills to Adolescents with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities. Pat Mirenda, UBC and Leslie Jones CBI Consultants Ltd
  4. Examining Quality of Life in Families of Children with ASD: From Diagnosis to Adulthood
  5. Discussion Series – SFU ADDL

Making a donation

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you. The Laurel Foundation is run and managed by volunteers, with 100% of every contribution going towards autism research, program development, mental health support services and medical missions in Mongolia.

Donations to Laurel Foundation can be made by cheque to Laurel Foundation, or through CHIMP (Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada))

Please specify the area that you would like to support.

Charitable tax receipts from Laurel Foundation are issued in January; CHIMP receipts can be managed online.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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